Music - Let the wild rumpus start!

We just added this little album to our library and we're happy we did. It's as strange, rumpus and magical as we would expect. If the film is anything like the album, we won't be disappointed.
Check out the single,
All Is Love, here.

Goods - Eco Friendly Accents

Made from 100% recycled material, these mid-century graphic pillows add a retro pop to any piece of furniture, new or old. Products from Feel More Human are all handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly inks and no chemical waste or disposal generated.

Posted by Andrew Garlock

Goods - Penguin Classics

You may already own these classics - The Scarlet Letter, Pride and Prejudice, and Wuthering Heights - but we think with fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo's redesigned covers for Penguin, you may just have to pick up a second copy.

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Style - Layer Up

Now that the first glimpses of Fall are upon us: speckles of orange and red on the mountainsides, crisp mornings, and long evenings, the time has come to transition wardrobes leaving no casualties behind. Simple layering will bring your warm weather staples into fall... and don't forget to take a jacket!

Bomb Shell // Bomber Jacket $128 Urban Outfitters {in store only}, Plaid Ruffled Button-up $29.50 Gap Outlet, BDG Skinny Jeans $54 Urban Outfitters, Oxford Ankle Booties {stylist's own}

Peas and Q's //Pea Coat $29 H&M, Broaches {stylist's own} Grey V-Neck Tee $4.50 Forever 21, Gingham Skirt {stylist's own}, Leg Warmers $4.90 H&M, Military Boots $198 Kenzie Girl

Ruffles & Bows // Spartan Coat $198 Anthropologie, White Tank {not shown} $14.50 Gap, Bow Skirt $29.99 Anthropologie, Knit Over-the-Knee Socks $6.90 Forever 21, Trufle Platform $77 Steve Madden

Sound Investment // Heathered Puffer $59.50 Gap, Floral Poet Sleeve Top $29.50 Forever 21, Distressed Jeans {model's own}, Flat Mid Ankle Boots $26.50 Forever 21, Headband $24 Academy J

Primary Colored //Kimchi Blue Cropped Swing Jacket $118 Urban Outfitters, Striped 3/4 Boat Neck $19.50 Old Navy, Straight Leg Jeans {model's own}, Chuck Taylor Sneakers $29, Beanie $4.90 & Scarf $12.90 H&M

Wardrobe by Emily Frame
Photographs by Alyssa Vincent

InSite -

In need of a little inspiration for your band's gig poster? Well, might provide you with just the right inspiration you need.

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Style - Runway to Everyday - Kayne & Able

The most tried and true trick to staying ahead of trends is monitoring what is going down the runways. After taking in an eyeful, sorting out what is "wearable" and what is simply for show is half the fun.

Our first inspiration from the Fall 2009 runway is Jenni Kayne:
known for designing clothes that are so well constructed that the most monetarily challenged will still splurge, and the celebrity will wear it more than once. Gasp!

Taking an incredibly wearable and Fall-feeling look from the designer price tag to the every man's comfort level can be done easily in 1, 2, 3.
Taking items you already own, pairing them with a couple essential purchases, and finishing it off with a simple D.I.Y. accessory will give you a perfectly affordable look every time.

Essential Splurge //Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Blazer $78.00 // Affordable Add-On // Forever 21's Tulip Skirt {with a sheen} $19.80

Already in Your Closet // black opaque tights, simple black open-toe heels, and a scoop-neck tank
Do It Yourself Accessory // large wood beads with a little copper craft spray paint, strung onto any old chain

Wearable year round and all for under $100.00.
Posted by Emily Frame

Sidenote - Rodney Smith

We'd love to get our hands on Rodney Smith's new book, The End, when it comes out this fall. But, until the day we do, we'll enjoy his weekly posts on his blog. The noted photographer admits he's not one for the technology of the twenty-first century, but has decided to play along and share with readers his experiences as a photographer as well as stories behind his photographs. It's become a must read, every Monday.

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Style - Into the Woods

Take to the woods in style with some of our favorite finds available now at Gap.Field & Stream // Field Jacket $98, Thermal Crew $19.50, Straight Fit Jeans $54.50, Cap model's own.

Trail Blazer // Cord Blazer $88, Shirt $49.50, Scarf $24.50, Cargo Pants $49.50. Boots $79.50 at

Rocky Mountain // {left} Shawl Collar Sweater $68, Shirt $49.50, "Fatigue" pants $44.50. {right} Thermal $19.50, Straight Fit Jeans $54.50. Beanie model's own.

Cliffhanger // {left} Flannel shirt $44.50, Chambray shirt $44.50, Original khaki $44.50. Shoes available at {right} Sweater $68.

Nature Guide // Quilted Jacket $78, Shirt $49.50, Henley $24.50.

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Photographs by Matt Clayton

Goods - The Tourist Tee

Take in the sights with the tourist t-shirt by Supermarket. Sans fanny pack, the silk-screened camera and strap give a pretty good illusion of having the real thing around your neck.

Posted by Andrew Garlock

Life - Fall Favorites

The nip in the air has arrived and after some mandatory study time you can bet we'll be taking a break (frequent breaks) to check out a few of our favorite films, that get us in the mood for fall.

Dan In Real Life
(2007) - Fall calls for charm and this movie has it in spades. From Steve Carell's performance to the warmth of that lakeside family home.

The Goonies
(1985) - Grey skies, teenage angst, and booby traps, what would fall be without those? And treasure! We forgot treasure.
WARNING: You will be quoting this movie for the rest of the week.

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
(1966) - "There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin." - Linus. Truer words were never spoken.

Funny Farm
(1988) - Chevy Chase escapes the city and moves to a small Vermont town. Vermont - need we say more?

The Village (2004) - With October around the corner, this one spooks us just enough to get us in the mood for the Halloween season. And we're all for that.

What movies get you in the mood for fall?

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Music - R.I.P. Sego

We are gathered to mourn the passing of the music festival affectionately known as Sego. We had such high hopes that the fourth year would be truly epic, surpassing even the magnitude of the third, but it was not to be.

As plans moved forward and musicians waited anxiously to apply, the festival suddenly found itself homeless, and thus dateless as well. There began its search for a suitable location to call home. After each hopeful prospect turned dry, coupled with what seemed like years in limbo between each fruitless attempt, the reality of its pending doom started to take hold. "Maybe I can just cut a stage or two?" it pleaded, hoping that would help. But for some reason or another, nobody could take Sego in. It persisted, trying to think of ways to make itself smaller and less assuming than before, however as time passed, and as its pride diminished proportional to its size, the poor festival realized it was not even recognizable as such. One night, after carefully acknowledging the continued effort it put in, it let out a long sigh and peacefully went, finally accepting its fate.

Perhaps we will never know exactly why things turned out this way, but we can be sure that what it would have wanted for us was to join in its acceptance for now, only later to channel our disappointments into the creation of an even better festival next fall, the Utah Valley Music Festival.

by Amalia Smith

Sidenote - That's a way to start

With fall comes football and the BYU Cougars certainly ushered in fall on the right foot. What a game! Congrats guys!

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Photographs by Matt Clayton

Joshua James

Five years ago, Joshua James bought a guitar, looked up some chords on the internet and began writing music. “I had dreams where I was on stage as Eddie Vedder . . . daydreams even. I thought ‘I could be that.’” Now, at 26, the singer/songwriter releases his second album, which is proving to be even better than his first (which, in its own right, was a #1 download on iTunes in 2007) and is gearing up for a two month tour that will take him along both coasts as well as Japan. As for his latest album, Build Me This, James says, “It’s pretty different. It’s not as soft spoken…more aggressive.” That may be true, but guaranteed his authentic style and genuine lyrics will remain the same.


Who or what inspires you?

My family inspires me a lot. Any type of religious struggle inspires me a lot. Life mostly. Different situations I’ve seen or been in or had friends in - the human struggle with just different things throughout life.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I’d stop obsessing over certain concepts. Trying to make sense out of everything.

What makes you happy?
Music makes me happy. Singing. Friends and family make me happy. I don’t know what else makes me happy.

What is your greatest fear?
I think my greatest fear is being alone and self destructing. I think in life, if I didn’t have close friends, I would be a very unhappy person. So, that scares me the most, is if that did happen, I would lose my mind in self destruction.

What makes you laugh?
Knitting … and mind control. That’s all you have to put. (laughs)

Who are you listening to right now?
Tom Waits. And I’ve been listening to the Clarence Greenwood recordings of Citizen Cope. And I actually put on a 2Pac record yesterday. So I guess those are three things I’ve been listening to.

Which fictional character do you identity with most?
Tom Sawyer

Listen to Joshua James here.
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Photographs by Matt Clayton
September '09