Music - Yuletide Download #2 -Adam & Darcie

Adam and Darcie, the married indie-pop duo we featured a few months back, seem like the perfect band to record a holiday song. The couple’s beautiful harmonies combined with their use of acoustic guitar and xylophone blend to create a wonderful holiday classic. And they picked the perfect song to record too – “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.” So grab your favorite book, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, light the fire and let the soft, wintry sounds of Adam and Darcie bring in the holiday cheer.

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Also check out Adam & Darcie's Website/Myspace

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Photo of Adam & Darcie by Yan Photography


grant olsen said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

martin said...

let's have a Christmas album, adam and darcie. how about science?

Liv said...

That was beautiful. I love it.

Dani said...

Yes, I agree. Make a Christmas album.