Music - The Submarines

Married couple and indie-pop duo The Submarines released their third – in our opinion best – album, Love Notes/Letter Bombs, earlier this month. The album follows suit with the band’s previous two releases in sound, but is more polished, more fun and even catchier than before. The new record has an overall clearer sound and the vocals seem cleaned up, much more polished and more mature.

The Submarines sing mainly about love and breakups – many of the lyrics stemming from their own relationship with each other – set to catchy melodies and sing-along choruses, which is nothing new to the Los Angeles couple. Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti were introduced by a mutual friend, dated, broke up and both wrote songs about the breakup. When they saw each other’s songs and how much they were hurting from the breakup, they decided to work together on some of them and ended up getting back together and later getting married. They released that collection of break-up songs as their debut album.
Love Notes/Letter Bombs is a fantastic record from start to finish, mixing danceable, catchy tracks perfect for upcoming summer block parties with softer, toned-down melodies you and your loved one will go crazy over.

I've seen The Submarines play twice and both shows have been so much fun. The most recent time I saw them in Denver, Colo., was only better because of the new songs off Love Notes/Letter Bombs added to their live set. I don't think you will ever see a happier member of any band than lead singer Blake Hazard. She's all smiles throughout the entire set as she alternately jumps, bangs the tambourine, sings, plays the xylophone and rocks the guitar.

You can stream the entire new album here, via Paste Magazine.

Favorite Tracks: "Tigers," "Shoelaces" and “Where You Are”

Posted by Spencer Flanagan 
April '11

Style - Fresh Sesh

Pro skateboarder Kevin Fedderson shows off Banana Republic's new spring line, proving he's got style on and off the board.
Left: Suit Jacket $350, V-neck $29.50, Trousers $98.50 // Right: Shirt $79.50, Tie $59.50, Sweater $59.50, Suit jacket $350, Suit pants $150
Left: Shirt $69.50, Cardigan $89.50, Tie $59.50, Straight fit jeans $79.50 // Right: Shirt $79.50, Tie $59.50, Crewneck $39.50, Trench coat $250, Trousers $79.50
Left: Shirt $79.50, Tie $59.50, Leather jacket $350, Suit pants $150 // Right: Shirt $79.50, Tie $59.50, Sweater $59.50, Suit jacket $350, Suit pants $150, Shoes by Element
20-year-old pro skateboarder Kevin Fedderson, known best as K-FED, fell in love with skating nearly nine years ago, watching his brother and his friends skate.

“My brother gave me just a used deck without trucks or wheels and I would try stuff on the lawn. One by one my brother brought me pieces like wheels, bearings, etc., until I finally had my own set up. I haven't stopped since then.”

K-FED was raised in Sandy, Utah, but currently resides in Draper, which he refers to as his “sanctuary.”

When it comes to style, K-FED says he hasn’t gone through fads like most twenty-something year olds. Rather he has stuck with the same skater, care-free attitude style of clothing over the years.

“When I am going to film or street skate I will throw on anything,” he says. “I know I am going to get thrashed and beat up [and] I can expect the clothes I am wearing to get rallied that day. During contests I like to throw on the fresher gear and make it stand out.”

As far as what he’s rocking to in his headphones while he skates? Probably not what you might have guessed.

“I get weird looks for my music choice,” he says. “I will listen to and get stoked on anything from rap, country, rock, anything. I love all types of music and try to expand on what I listen to. I love love love music from the 90's; the stuff I grew up listening to. I am obsessed with The Veronicas, TATU, Garbage with Shirley Manson, Avril Lavigne, Ace of Base, and Spice Girls. I listen to and rock whatever gets me hyped.”

Look for K-FED this summer at the annual Dew Tour.

Written by Spencer Flanagan
Photographs by Matt Clayton
Feb. '11

Music - One High Five

Tomi Choi and David Sauer of One High Five
Los Angeles-based band One High Five consists of David Sauer on guitars, bass and vocals and Tomi Choi on drums. The band has taken many shapes over the last few years including solo performances, acoustic duos, a six piece rock and roll spectacle and, currently, a quick and gritty two piece using an invisible bass player and bass click tracks.

David Sauer provides the songs and most of the direction while Tomi Choi joined in mid 2010 as the 1st member of the regrouping. Using Craigslist and the power of word of mouth Sauer hopes to complete the band and, simultaneously, conquer the world.
What things inspire you to create music?
David: Things that inspire me musically are nice bright days. These days put a swagger in my step and help me to sing random melodies that tend to form into bigger pictures. I'm pretty quiet because typically I have seemingly a million songs in my head. I would love to write them down and burn a CD called “The Soundtrack of my Life.” I walk around singing out loud and use keys in my pockets to act as cymbals. This helps me write drums and riffs and all the good stuff.

What effect do you hope your music has on listeners?
I hope the music makes them move and dance around, especially on their own time as you don't get a lot of dancing at shows these days. I hope that the lyrics make them think and reflect on themselves, if only for a moment. To me, that makes a difference and puts an extra value in the amount of hard work that not only I but all other musicians put into their craft. There is a lot of talent out there spending time and money on the things they love. Being a musician is a hard job, but getting through to the listener is one of the best pay outs.
What are some long-term goals of the band?
Right now we are making a better Web site and focusing on new material. New material is important to me because writing lyrics is so cathartic and fun. Finding new members is top priority (do you know anyone interested?) - this will help inspire new music and a new breathe of air into the group by letting us play more shows as what I want to be our true sound. New members will equate to a tour timed well with the release of our 2nd EP.

How would you define success?
Success is any step in a positive direction. Success at the more pure level is simply taking the first steps into starting a journey. Completing lyrics, putting ads out for new members, finding time to produce the Web site, reaching out to fans, finding management and working hard to get your foot in any door are all journeys I have started. I always feel like I can and should do more. It's a double edged sword that inspires and frustrates me all the same.
What are you currently listening to?
1. Julian Casablancas Phrazes for the Young 2. Belle and Sebastian Write About Love 3. The Descendants 4. Neko Case Middle Cyclone 5. My girl and I are exchanging mixed CDs which introduces me to new bands and helps me go through my music collection more deeply than I do 7. Music of people I meet. As I go on my adventures talking about One High Five, when I find a musician, I like to get their music in my ears. Collaboration and support is fun to supply.

What bands would you like to tour with if you could choose any?
Foxboro Hot Tubs, Reel Big Fish, NOFX, The Happy Hollows, of Montreal, Superdrag.

Check out and listen to One High Five here.

Written by Spencer Flanagan 
Photographs by Matt Clayton
Feb '11

Style - Spring Clean

If you're like us and have a bad case of The Fever (for Spring, not The Beebs) check out these Springtime must-haves from Gap. Muted color palettes in greys and purples, monochromatic and simply constructed ensembles, new hits like high-waisted wide leg trousers for her, and an effortless scoop neck for him create the perfect storm.
On her: Shirt $49.50, Jacket $79.50, Wide leg trousers $69.50 // On him: Polo $29.50, Tailored trousers $59.50
Left // On him: Slim fit shirt: $49.50, Tailored trousers $49.50 // On her: Classic button up $49.50, Blazer $98, Skinny pants $59.50
Right // On him: Deep V $16.50, Nylon jacket $79.50, Skinny jeans $59.50 // On her: Vintage V $19.50, Wrap cardigan $59.50, Super skinny pants $59.50
Left // On her: Utility jacket $79.50, Skirt $49.50 // On him: Two pocket shirt $49.50, Classic pants $49.50
Right // On him: Pima U-neck $24.50, Jeans $54.50 // On her: Jean jacket $69.50, Legging jean $59.50

Photographs by Matt Clayton
Styled by Emily Frame 
Hair and makeup by Rachel Clark
Jan '11

Sidenote - Win Free Tickets to see JOSHUA JAMES Live!

Friday February 4th's show with Joshua James and special guest Caleb Darger at the Velour Live Music Gallery will likely sell out before the weekend, but here is your opportunity to win tickets for two:

To enter, become a fan of 21st & Ivy on Facebook and post this comment on our fanpage: "Listen Local, Provo!"

For a double-point entry, post from your own profile with an "@" link to the 21st & Ivy and Velour Live Music Gallery fanpages (select '@' + '21st & Ivy' and '@' + 'Velour Live Music Gallery' in your statuses).

A winner will be drawn at 10 am on Friday morning!

If you aren't feeling lucky, you can purchase tickets at or at Velour before Friday's show.

Best of luck!

Find us on Twitter: #listenlocalprovo

Feb '11

Sidenote - Ride it & Board it

Ski and board season is here, in Utah. With the killer snow and below freezing temperatures there has to be some great deals to get you up on the slope. Even the thought of getting a season pass killed my wallet, so I found some better solutions. For all you poor college kids out there, those of you whose legs are screaming to hit the slopes, here are some deals you can't pass up:

- For those of you that boarding after work/school is the easiest, check out Brighton's Night Skiing with the largest night skiing in Utah.

- Every Tuesday cause it's Truth about Tobacco night. If you go to you can print off a coupon good for $17 night skiing.

- Every Wednesday is Arctic Circle night. If you buy a value meal at Article Circle you will receive a 2 for 1 coupon for night skiing.

- Every Friday is X96 night. If you have a X96 Workers Union card, and you present it at the ticket booth you will receive 2 for 1 night skiing. 

- Lift tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate of $53 at Canyon Sports, the Lifthouse, Wasatch Ski Connection and sometimes Sports Authority. 

- Night skiing at Powder Mountain now begins at 3 p.m. and costs only $15.

- You can buy a Powder Pass and receive a midweek discount card. The pass is $40; with it your discount card gives $16 off any lift ticket purchase Monday – Friday.

- Weber State students and Faculty can get a discounted rate of $40 per lift ticket. Contact Powder Mountain for details. 

- Sunday & Monday nights are family nights. $40 for a family of 4, each additional child is only $10. Individuals pay $10.

- Tuesday is Ten Buck Tuesday; you can ski for $10 with the purchase of a $25 lift ticket.

Did we miss any great deals? Let's hear 'em. Leave a comment below.

*Favorite deal. Contact me if you want to ride.

Posted by Chris Koch 
Jan '11

Style - Sarah Seilbach of Edelweiss by Sarah

We've shared our love for the Edelweiss by Sarah line before, and it only gets stronger as we see the new lines and collections. Today we had the chance to talk to Brooklyn based designer Sarah Seilbach herself and she is nothing short of inspiring. Seilbach studied at The Savannah College of Art and Design, but began sewing long before that under the tutelage of her mother. Like most with raw talent, her passion for design started before she even realized when she sketched out and made her 9th grade graduation dress. Fast forward to the present and Sarah is a full-time designer churning out amazing and wearable dresses each season.

What made you want to be a designer full-time?
This is what I am good at and I love doing it. I have an image in my head about what clothing should look like and I love being able to create it.

What inspirations go into each season, do you have a whole look in mind and then pick textiles, or the other way around?
My main inspiration is always the 1940s as the ground work and then I go from there. It depends really, sometimes the fabric comes first but then sometimes its the design. I am constantly inspired by things around me so my ideas are always changing and evolving.

What kind of woman are you designing for?
The woman I design for is classic and sophisticated. She enjoys life and feels good and confident in what she wears. There is a timelessness about her.

Are their any celebrities you're dying to dress?
I would love to dress Michelle Williams or Carey Mulligan. They are both so adorable.

What is a typical day like for you?
I get up, workout to get my head in the right place then begin with emails and blogging and then either straight to working on patterns etc or into the garment district to get trims/ fabric or do factory runs. My days are hardly ever the same.

What music do you like to create to?
I love to listen to music while I am working but I would say that depending on my mood, will depend on what I listen to. Some days, world music like Latin or French and other times I will bring out the oldies like Cake or Violent Femmes. I will even get into the Glen Miller Orchestra. I love all different kinds of music and I love changing it up.

What is the most inspiring look or trend to you this season?
I love that skirts and dresses are getting longer! Finally!

What is a trend that has to go?
I would have to say the trend that would have to go is the cut off denim shorts (the super short kind.) I think there is an overload of them here in the city. Too many people where them that shouldn't wear them.

Do you have a cultural icon that inspires you?
I love old movies with Sandra Dee or James Stewart in them. They are great and I am always inspired by them.

What is it like working with your spouse?
It has its pros and cons. I love that he is so good with web design and graphics. He also helps me weed out what isn't working in the collection. I value his opinion but don't always take it :)

What are your goals for you line in the next year, 5 years, 10 years?
To grow and expand. I would love for everyone to know and come to love Edelweiss. I would like to also get into men's wear and children's wear.

Do you have a ritual, or practice to help you if you get in a creative rut?
Go back to the drawing board and get it right. I find that some of my best ideas come when the collection is almost finished and I have to quickly put my idea together.

What is the most stressful part of being a designer?
The pressure of designing something that people will like and that is a part of you. Rejection is hard. The business part of it is even more stressful. Getting everything to work and to happen it not as easy as one would think. It takes a constant effort to push yourself harder and harder. To keep going when you hit a rough patch.

What advice would you give an up and coming designer?
Be passionate about what you love and know that it is hard to get moving. Learn to accept criticism and learn and grow from it.

What can we expect from your upcoming line?
More black mixed with an elegant motor girl.

Your studio is in Brooklyn, where are your "spots" to eat, shop, and be inspired?
I love the East river park that looks over to Manhattan. The summers are great there. I also love to eat at Egg and Sweetwater. Those are probably my favorite neighborhood restaurants. I also run in the morning. I go over the Williamsburg bridge back into Manhattan. This is a very inspiring run for me. To look over at the city and then be a part of it, in the thick of it.

Many thanks to Sarah for a look into her life, we can't wait to see more and watch as her line explodes!
For the Edelweiss by Sarah line click here.

Posted by Emily Frame
Jan '11

Style - Street Etiquette

The mens style blog, Street Etiquette, has quickly become one of our favorites, for an urban take on classic menswear. Created by friends, Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, the blog sets out to show how to wear classic pieces as well as share the inspiration behind their own personal style.

Jan. '11

Style - Something old, Something New Year's Eve

Ring in the new year with a one of the kind look by mixing some of your really great vintage pieces with a few newer finds.

Left: Skirt - Banana Republic // Polka dot Tank - Forever 21 // Peacoat - from stylist's collection // Right: Tank - vintage // Skirt: from stylist's collection 

Left: Sequin shrug - vintage // Tank and Leggings - Forever 21 // Right: Dress - Second hand store // Hair clips - Pearlie Peacock 

Right: Dress - from stylist's collection // Head band - Forever 21

Photographs by Alyssa Vincent
Styling by Beccy Bingham
Dec. '10

Music - The Best of 2010

2010 has been an incredible year in music. So many amazing songs and records were released this year both from some of my favorite artists as well as new ones. As many music related sites do at the end of each year, we here at 21st and Ivy have also put together our list of the Best in Music of 2010, including best albums, best live shows and best songs. Obviously it would be impossible to include everything and I’m sure I have missed some amazing ones, but after a lot of thought and consideration, here you have it world: The Best in Music of 2010 according to Spencer Flanagan and 21st and Ivy.

TOP 20 ALBUMS of 2010

1. Best Coast Crazy for You

2. Jenny & Johnny I’m Having Fun Now

3. Suckers Wild Smile

4. Two Door Cinema Club Tourist History

5. Joanna Newsom Have One On Me

6. Wavves King of the Beach

7. Crocodiles Sleep Forever

8. Mumford & Sons Sigh No More

9. Local Natives Gorilla Manor

10. Tokyo Police Club Champ

11. Casiokids Topp stemning på lokal bar

12. Surfer Blood Astro Coast

13. Robyn Body Talk

14. Yeasayer Odd Blood

15. Sleigh Bells Treats

16. Arcade Fire The Suburbs

17. LCD Soundsystem This is Happening

18. Hot Chip One Life Stand

19. Dum Dum Girls I Will Be

20. She & Him Volume II

Honorable Mentions: Sufjan Stevens Age of Adz, Girl Talk All Day, Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Les Savy Fav Roots for Ruin, Mates of State Crushes: The Covers Mixtape, Vampire Weekend Contra, !!! Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, The XX XX, The Russian Futurists The Weight’s on the Wheels


1. Joanna Newsom, The Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

2. Hot Chip, In The Venue, SLC

3. Suckers, Kilby Court, SLC

4. Mates of State, U of U Red Week, SLC

5. Casiokids, The Echo, Los Angeles

6. Hot Hot Heat, Club Sound, SLC

7. Best Coast, Urban Lounge, SLC

8. The Big Pink, Urban Lounge, SLC

9. Jenny & Johnny, The State Room, SLC

10. Mumford & Sons, The Music Box, Hollywood

TOP 60 SONGS of 2010

1. “Big Wave” Jenny & Johnny

2. “Crazy for You” Best Coast

3. “Dog Days Are Over” Florence & The Machine

4. “Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds” The Russian Futurists

5. “Jail La La” Dum Dum Girls

6. “Scissor Runner” Jenny & Johnny

7. “Thieves in the Night” Hot Chip

8. “Swim” Surfer Blood

9. “Finn Bikkjen!” Casiokids

10. “Hearts of Love” Crocodiles

11. “When I’m With You” Best Coast

12. “King of the Beach” Wavves

13. “All Summer” Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Rostam of Vampire Weekend

14. “Bulletproof” La Roux

15. “Braces” Ten Bears

16. “Black Sheep” Suckers

17. “Dancing On My Own” Robyn

18. “Mirrors” Crocodiles

19. “You’re Not Stubborn” Two Door Cinema Club

20. “Empty Room” Arcade Fire

21. “Wide Eyes” Local Natives

22. “Sleep Forever” Crocodiles

23. “Post Acid” Wavves

24. “Have One On Me” Joanna Newsom

25. “Ambling Alp” Yeasayer

26. “What’s in it for?” Avi Buffalo

27. “Something Good Can Work” Two Door Cinema Club

28. “True Love Will Find You In The End” Mates of State (Daniel Johnston cover)

29. “Big Difference” Tokyo Police Club

30. “Eclipse (I’m All Yours)” Metric

31. “Cigarettes in the Theater” Two Door Cinema Club

32. “Little Lion Man” Mumford & Sons

33. “Happy” Best Coast

34. “Horchata” Vampire Weekend

35. “Texas B*****s” Broken Social Scene

36. “In California” Joanna Newsom

37. “Second Order” XYLOS

38. “Too Much” Sufjan Stevens

39. “Awake My Soul” Mumford & Sons

40. “I’m in your Church at Night” Active Child

41. “In the Sun” She & Him

42. “Shape Shifter” Local Natives

43. “Evacuate” The Boxer Rebellion

44. “Dance Yourself Clean” LCD Soundsystem

45. “Laura” Mates of State (Girls cover)

46. “Tell ‘Em” Sleigh Bells

47. “Terminally Chill” Neon Indian

48. “Hell” Tegan & Sara

49. “21@12” Hot Hot Heat

50. “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” Arcade Fire

51. “Estirado al Sol” The Pinker Tones

52. “Not Sick” Tokyo Police Club

53. “Do-Wah-Doo” Kate Nash

54. “Floating Vibes” Surfer Blood

55. “A Mind I Knew” Suckers

56. “Fembot” Robyn

57. “Candy Season” Librarians

58. “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry

59. “It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity” The Moondoggies

60. “Trust in Desire” The Charlatans

Honorable Mention: My favorite song currently is the recently released song “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” by Noah and the Whale! Their third album Last Night on Earth is due out in March and will definitely be on my top albums of next year! Can’t wait!

What’s been some of your favorite music this year?

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Dec. '10

Style - The Clothes I Wear - McKenzie

Where do you call home?

What's your sign?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A photographer for Anthropologie or NAAG magazine or something. oh, and i want some kids.

Whose style do you admire?
My ex-boyfriend's sister's!

Where do you get your jeans?
My jeggings? Forever 21!

What's the last text you received?
"you best not be eating or drinking".....
Photographs by Alex Vaughn
Dec. '10

Music - Noah and the Whale Album Announcement

British indie pop band (and one of our all-time favorites) Noah and the Whale announced the release of their third album, Last Night on Earth, due out March 2011. The band released two tracks off the new album today on the Web, “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.” and “Wild Thing.” Check them out here, via FILTER Magazine.
Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Dec. '10

Style - Sweater Weather

When the temperature drops, the time comes to bring out the sweaters. Here are three of our favorite sweaters available now from Banana Republic.
Mens Sweater $150
Other: Silk Top - Banana Republic//Shorts - Thrifted//Boots - Kohls//Jewelry - paperclipstudio
Cardigan $79.50
Other: Hat - Banana Republic//Dress - Vintage//Shoes - Aldo
Sweater $130
Other: Dress and belt - Vintage//Tights - Cynthia Vincent//Boots - thrifted

Photographs by Alyssa Vincent
Styling by Beccy Bingham
Hair & Makeup by  Rachel Clark 
Nov. '10

The Neighbors

Adam and Rachel Kaiser left their home in Frederic, Michigan and moved to Utah in November 2008 when they had decided – along with their sister Sarah who was attending school here – to form a band. Once they were settled in, the trio began playing their piano-pop shows around Provo in February 2009 under the name ByNow.

In March of this year, however, something happened that changed the future of the band: Sarah got married and moved to Florida. With those changes, ByNow was dissolved and The Neighbors was born.

“We have a pretty good fan base in Utah County and other places. That’s kind of why we decided to stay here,” Adam says. “We always knew Sarah would get married so Rachel and I always kind of played together on the side.”

With the transition and subsequent name change, the sound of the band also changed slightly with a change in the female vocals and an overall “less poppy” sound.

“We picked up a pretty good fan base with Sarah as ByNow,” Adam says. “When we switched to The Neighbors we kept that fan base but it also seemed we were able to get a much better response. I think the music was a better fit for the area and I think people like the uniqueness of the two of us.”

Classifying the band may be difficult, but such genres as indie pop, piano-pop and alternative rock have been thrown out there along with comparisons in some degree to such bands as Vampire Weekend, The Hush Sound and Paramore.

Rachel is currently on tour as a backup singer for Killer’s front man Brandon Flowers’ solo tour through December. While she’s out on the road, Adam is preparing the duo’s debut EP for its scheduled January 2011 release.

“We want to make music as a career and be somewhat successful playing music. We’ve dropped everything else, so we have to,” Adam says.

“Otherwise, we’re done for,” he adds, laughing.

Who or what inspires you?
Rachel: I love old jazz! ‘40s music mostly, like Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland.

Adam: I am inspired by many things: people I meet, sights, smells, obscure situations... but musically I am always inspired by live performances. There is something special about watching someone that you can tell really means it or feels what they are doing.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Rachel: I'm really indecisive – to the point where I drive myself crazy.

Adam: I have a horrible overeating problem. Even if I’m deathly full I will still eat food if it is in front of me.

What makes you happy?
Rachel: My family, music and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.

Adam: Mom and dad... and eating before I get to the deathly full part.

What is your greatest fear?
Rachel: Adam when he's hungry.

Adam: The movie theater. I get really bad anxiety or fall asleep when I’m at one.

What makes you laugh?
Rachel: I love to laugh maybe a little too much. But I laugh the most in quiet places when I’m not supposed too! Or when people are trying to fall asleep! Sorry people; I'm a dork.

Adam: I think it’s extremely funny when someone has an accidental release of gas. How can you not laugh?! Also people watching makes me laugh. It sounds rude because I’m laughing at people, but you see the strangest things sometimes if you just watch. Try it... I bet you will laugh.

Who are you listening to right now?
Rachel: Christmas music! I'm a super freak about the Holidays. And I can't get enough of Vampire weekend in my life! I guess Vampire Weekend needs to make a Christmas CD!

Adam: The Roots new CD, “Wake Up.” And I found a Christmas radio station that I turn on when I’m in the car.

What fictional character do you identify with most?
Rachel: I think I'm most like Jessie from “Toy Story.”

Adam: I can’t personally think of one that I identify with. Rachel calls me Uncle Jessie, which I pretend like I hate, but it’s actually pretty funny. If I could pick a fictional character that I would like to identify with I would probably choose Superman, because he can fly.
Check out The Neighbors here and 'like' them on Facebook here.

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Photographs by Matt Clayton
Nov. '10

Music - XYLOS Second Order

We recently discovered Brooklyn-based band XYLOS and can’t get enough of them. The band is finishing up recording its debut full-length album this month with a release date set for March 7th 2011, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Until then, however, here’s a small taste of what to expect on the album with a the band’s latest video for its song “Second Order,” a beautiful track blending the band’s vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and electronic sound to create its usual upbeat, happy feel set to dark, mysterious lyrics.

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Nov. '10

Sidenote - Kate Nash Concert Ticket Giveaway!

British singer-songwriter Kate Nash will be making a stop on her current tour in Salt Lake City the night of Friday November 5th (THIS FRIDAY!), at In The Venue. We’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway, courtesy of FILTER Magazine!

To enter, leave a comment below by Friday at noon. A winner will chosen at random and announced by noon-thirty, via Twitter. So, be sure to follow our tweets.

Also, Kate will be stopping by 21st and Ivy later on this week with an exclusive interview, so be sure to keep checking back.

*CLOSED - Thanks everyone for entering!

Nov. '10

Music - Best Coast "Crazy for You"

Los Angeles-based band Best Coast’s debut full-length – released on Mexican Summer – is one of our favorite albums lately, full of vintage-inspired pop tunes that will get you on your feet dancing and singing along with each song’s extremely repetitive lyrics. Crazy for You mixes good old fashioned pop music with a surf-rock, lo-fi, almost fuzzy sound to create something completely original but that is reminiscent of bands like Wavves or Crocodiles, but with female-fronted vocals.

While the album is short – lasting just over 30 minutes – it hits you hard and packs enough energy in that 30 minutes to leave you completely satisfied. Most of the songs on the album sing of love and relationships, but with the band’s laid-back feel and singer Bethany Cosentino’s tough vocals, it doesn’t sound like that lovey-dovey pop album you can’t stand listening to. The band plays these love songs in a way that shows love for what it truly is, not what Hollywood movies make us want to believe.

Crazy for You is definitely one album you will want to add to your collection, and is one album that we can’t get enough of!

Favorite Tracks: Happy, When I’m With You, When the Sun Don’t Shine, I Want To and Crazy for You

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Nov. '10

Style - The Clothes I Wear - Brian

Where do you call home?
Mesa, AZ

What's your sign?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Whose style do you admire?
Justin Timberlake, Rob Dyrdek, David Beckham, my roommate Josh Bullock

Where do you buy your jeans?
Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun

What's the last text you received?
"Yo what's good pimp did u call me?"
Photographs by Matt Clayton
Oct. '10

Style - Edelweiss by Sarah

Nothing gives us more pleasure than spotting a trend on the rise. Maybe even more exciting is spotting an entire super cool collection. Edelweiss by Sarah is a new line from budding Brooklyn based designer, Sarah Seilbach. Her Spring 2011 line is laden with beautiful dresses in neutrals and soft teals. We're not the only ones excited, Shabby Apple has picked up her line and started carrying it just last week.
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Posted by Emily Frame
Oct. '10

Nik Day

Idaho Falls native Nik Day has been playing his “jazz-influenced piano-pop music with a hint of ragtime and a lot of soul” around Provo since moving here from BYU Idaho last year. He first broke into the local music scene by playing at open mic nights, but is now headlining his own shows.

“I want to influence the world with my music,” Nik says. “I want to make people want to change for the better. I want to be a good example of someone who can be in the public eye, but also have a happy personal life.”

Nik has been playing music since he was five years old when his dad used to teach him songs on the piano.

“I would learn them as well as my little hands would let me,” he says. “I also started writing music around that time. For some reason I've always written songs – it has been my passion and my outlet.”

Nik describes his music as “a mix between Michael Bublé and Jason Mraz, with a little Jamie Cullum,” and says that to him, success is making and accomplishing goals.

“It is finding who you are and becoming a better person while doing what you love.”

Who or what inspires you?
Those who are the best at what they do and live good lives are those who inspire me. If the odds are against them and they come out on top, whether well-known or every-day people, they are a source of inspiration for me.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would probably be more assertive. I would have a more powerful personality and make sure things get done. I'm pretty laid back, but sometimes I need motivation to work harder. I guess we all have that problem every once in a while.

What makes you happy?
When people bob their head or dance to my music, it makes me happy. It makes me happy when they tell me about how I or my music has impacted their lives. It makes me happy when I have a big plate of french toast on a weeknight.
 What is your greatest fear?
I fear failure, I guess, but I shouldn't because I've failed at a lot of different things already and I've turned out okay.

What makes you laugh?
Funny noises and weird, quirky things make me laugh every time. My sense of humor is a little strange... I laugh at how people respond to things that happen to them, like, faces they make.

Who are you listening to right now?
I just had a concert with my jazz choir Jazz Voices, and that's what I was listening to I guess. I listen to a lot of John Mayer when I'm in the mood.

What fictional character do you identify with most? 
I identify with Harry Potter because he has a scar on his head, and so do I.
Check out Nik's EP, Interesting Shade of Blue, available now on iTunes or listen to Nik on MySpace.

Posted by Spencer Flanagan
Photographs by Matt Clayton
Oct. '10